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On the 26th of August 2022, Montgrove opened the first annual Science Fair Competition, seeing a magnitude of thought-provoking and scientifically exhilarating research projects from students in Years 8 and 10. A wide range of scientific subjects was explored, from Microbiology to complex chemical reactions to everyday Physics. Teachers and external judges, all characterising scientific backgrounds, were invited to judge these amazing projects and to determine the winners. Even with nerves, the students successfully presented their engaging scientific discoveries and conclusions to the judges, parents, and fellow students.

The winning Year 8 project, by Jonita S, explored how physics affects plant growth by determining the different levels of hertz in binaural beats. The winning Year 10 project, by Linda C, incorporated ‘Biomimetics’ to design the most energy-efficient blade of a wind turbine, drawing inspiration from aerodynamic features seen in nature.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude towards the Science Department for their unwavering support throughout this event as well as this wonderful opportunity to showcase individuality and creativity through science! It will be exciting to see what new projects and discoveries the next Science Fair will bring! And of course, thank you to our judges for graciously giving up their time and the advice they gave to each and every student!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the Year 8 and 10 science fairs!

Montgrove’s 2022 Science Fair Winners

Stage 4

  • 1st - Jonita S
  • 2nd - Jahzeil O
  • 3rd - Harnoor T
  • People’s choice - Amelia G

Stage 5

  • 1st - Linda C
  • 2nd - Isabel I
  • 3rd - Maria Z
  • People’s choice - Apolonia R


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