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Recently, the Year 11 class got to go on a physics excursion to Luna Park, to visually conceptualise and learn about theories like momentum, friction and the transformation of energy. Read below for one of the girls' reflections. 

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a day of school to include an exhilarating adventure; exploring new heights and soaring through the sky at death-defying speeds. Yet, on May 27th, a group of 7 girls, including myself, woke while the city was still sleeping and, taking the scenic route under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, boarded trains and ferries on our journey to the famous Luna Park. 

We spent the day moving from ride to ride, rising to unimaginable heights on the Hair Raiser, travelling faster than the speed of light on the Big Dipper and feeling our hearts leap from our chests at every sharp turn on the Wild Mouse. All the while, standing out due to the brightly coloured stopwatches we held as we explored not only the sights and sounds but also the physics behind the rides at Luna Park; investigating concepts such as momentum and collisions through the Dodgem Cars, the Effect of Friction on the Coney Island Slides and transformation of energy on the Sledge Hammer. 

Overall, this excursion was an extraordinary experience that allowed us to challenge ourselves, face our fears and extend our knowledge of the physics behind the rides.

Somtochi I - Year 11 Physics

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