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The Australian Geography Competition run by the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland is a nationwide competition that has some of Australia’s best schools competing for the prestigious top 10 places. The competition examines students’ ability to know, apply, and reason (more information can be found here:

As a teacher, I have often found the competition reveals a set of uniquely talented students who are able to think across both dominant areas of thinking, mathematical/logical as well as language. These students have a quite unique strength across areas rather than being very strong in specific areas. These students’ talents come to the fore in Geography which is uniquely cross-disciplinary in the demands it makes and the way it values problem-solving using a wide range of disciplines.  

30 girls, 5 from each year, participated in this year's Australian Geography Competition in the 3 levels, Stage 4, Stage 5, and Stage 6. Ten deserving students received certificates for meritorious performance!

Congratulations to all the and girls and well done!

High Distinction

  • Hannah N (Yr10)


  • Amelia L (Yr10)
  • Lara P (Yr10)
  • Chiara P (Yr9)


  • Anastazia P (Yr12)
  • Elizabeth B (Yr11)
  • Selina V (Yr11)
  • Somtochi I (Yr10)
  • Ayiana B (Yr9)
  • Kara O (Yr9)




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