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On Monday 5th December, Montgrove College was joined by a number of distinguished guests to celebrate their recent grant from the Australian government as part of the Planting Trees for the Queen’s Jubilee program.

The tree-planting ceremony, marking the 25 new trees planted on Montgrove’s school grounds, has similarly been held across Australia this year as many other beneficiaries of the grant take part in the tree-planting initiative to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. 

The guests who attended the school’s event included Mr Stuart Ayres (State Member for Penrith) representing Melissa McIntosh (Federal Member for Lindsay), NSW’s Deputy Opposition Leader Ms Prue Car, Chairman of the Pared Foundation Board Mr Gary Doherty, Montgrove College School Principal Miss Lourdes Mejia and founding Principal Mrs Marina Haines.

Before the trees were planted, the Montgrove primary choir performed ‘Sing’, a song that was commissioned for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The song, written by Gary Barlow, was inspired by remote villages across Commonwealth countries that Queen Elizabeth II visited and reigned over during her time as the longest-running Monarch in British history.

The tree-planting grant aims to create a legacy of tree plantings across the nation and enhance the area of tree canopy across the country. Although Melissa McIntosh was not able to attend the ceremony, she sent these words to the School for the occasion:

"In Montgrove’s application for Jubilee trees, the College noted that they would beautify the school precinct and enhance shade for students. Well, I believe the trees will provide more than this to the College’s community. The trees, and plaque, will bear as a reminder of a life of great service, and an incredible inspiration to the future female leaders that will be fostered at Montgrove. To some, planting a tree may seem a simple act. However, trees in ancient times, and in religion, poetry, and literature, have been symbols of life, growth, wisdom, and prosperity. Queen Elizabeth II embodied these principles. She challenged young people to meet their potential. Let the trees be a reminder of reaching each of your potentials, as you strive to become leaders, not just of your local community, but in every aspect of what you do." 

Prue Car MP then came back a few days later to award Sanja this year's Londonderry Leadership Award! After the ceremony, she said, "It was such a joyous occasion to join the college community, and to join them for Carols in the COLA in the afternoon."
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