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Operation Christmas Child


During the month of October and early into November, Students at Montgrove college participated in Operation Christmas Child.  Over 120 boxes were donated by the families at Montgrove.  Year 7 girls happily packed the boxes into Mrs Tuballa's car (it took several trips) to deliver the boxes to the processing centre at St Marys.  Thank you to the Montgrove Families who generously donated the shoeboxes, and the group of Year 7 girls who coordinated this project.  A lot of children will receive a Christmas box from families at Montgrove. 

Operation Christmas Child was unofficially started in the summer of 1993. The CEO of an organisation called Samaritan's Purse, Franklin Graham III was called by a man in England who wanted to help children in need in Bosnia, a country that at that time was being torn apart by civil war. Funnily enough, this man from England asked specifically for gifts for the children for Christmas - in shoeboxes! From then on, the Samaritan's Purse organisation has continued this tradition each year, all because of a call from England, for children in Bosnia. The aim of Operation Christmas Child is to give a gift to a child in need anywhere around the world. In a shoebox, a person can put toys, like a soccer ball and a pump and stuffed toys, school supplies, like coloured pencils or colourful pencil cases, and even hygiene items, like toothbrushes or soap.

Penrith Community Kitchen

On Tuesday 15th November, John and Mary, volunteers from Penrith Community Kitchen came and collected food donations that our Year 6 girls have been diligently collecting from our Primary classes throughout Term 3 and the start of Term 4. We filled their car to the brim, with just enough room for them to get back into the car! Thank you again to our wonderful community, the Penrith Kitchen team is very grateful and overwhelmed by your generosity. 

Penrith Community Kitchen is a not-for-profit organisation that exists through the generosity of individuals and local businesses. Its mission is to provide a warm, comfortable, friendly, relaxed environment where those that are in need can enjoy a free nourishing meal and the lonely can enjoy the company of others. They are always looking for non-perishable items to help them feed the people of Penrith. Some good ideas to help them cook larger quantity meals include; pasta, rice, tin tomatoes, fresh or tinned vegetables and more.

The Aims of Penrith Community Kitchen are: 

  • To provide a meal, without cost, to those in need
  • To welcome all without question
  • To provide volunteers with the opportunity to assist others in the community
  • To provide businesses with a means of supporting people in the local community


Again, thanks to all the girls who helped out with donations and much more!

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