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School principal Lourdes Mejia appeared on the new podcast The Parent-Teacher Project alongside Rita Sakr (principal of Tangara School for Girls) and Mary Broadsmith (principal of Harkaway Hills College) to encourage and advise school parents and teachers who are working hard to continue the education of students during the COVID-19 lockdown taking place in Sydney, NSW.

All three principals admitted this time at home isn't easy for school students as well as teachers and parents who are trying to facilitate lessons, homework, assessments, and school community online. Miss Mejia stressed that this time is different from any other we've ever experienced and that parents and teachers should focus on staying flexible with routine throughout the day, as well as strive to keep the atmosphere light especially for the students:

"Keep the atmosphere light at home, there are so many things that can go wrong, but if we put too much seriousness into those things then that would take away that pleasant atmosphere in the house and in the family. And it makes such a difference when we can add a bit of humour, have a bit of fun in little tasks throughout the day."

To hear more from the three principals in this episode, head to the podcast episode using this link, or search 'The Parent-Teacher Project' on any podcast platform.



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