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Recently, Mrs Lay introduced the ‘All Life is Precious’ topic in Religion, organising an incursion with Mrs Reyes, Mrs Hanna and Mrs Le Mallet. These three Montgrove Mums have amazing stories that they shared with our students, all displaying value for life.⁠

Mrs Hanna described life with her son Emmanuel, who with his disabilities and limitations, is living an amazing and precious life. ⁠Mrs Reyes shared how her parents helped organise her move to Australia and that in return, she celebrated her 18th birthday not with a party, but in an orphanage with children who face very difficult and different life circumstances.⁠ Mrs Le Mallet and her family were Vietnamese refugees who, thanks to a Norwegian tanker, were able to escape and survive.⁠

The girls were able to reflect on the gift of life, with many saying that they now know to be more grateful for what they have. Thank you to these mums for sharing their stories, and thank you Mrs Lay for organising! Read Audrey's personal account below!

"Last term, both Year 6 classes were visited by two lovely parents, Mrs Hanna and Mrs Reyes. Both of them told their stories about how life is precious. Mrs Reyes talked about her 18th birthday and that her parents had done so much for her and she wanted to ‘pay it forward' and have her birthday at an orphanage. Some of the kids came at such a young age they had never even gone to a party. It was a luxury for many kids and they had the time of their lives. Mrs Hannah talked about her son, Emmanuel and his medical condition. Emmanuel is paralysed, he can make basic sounds, but can not talk. When Mrs Hannah was pregnant with Emmanuel the doctors said that she would have a healthy baby boy but they soon after found out that her baby would be different, but definitely not less. The Jeans for Genes day this year had Emmanuel on the poster. The Jeans for Genes foundation raises money for kids like Emmanuel. How did both of these examples teach us that all life is precious? Well, Mrs Reyes’s example teaches us that we were all created in God’s image and that we are all special that our wealth doesn’t matter and God loves us no matter what. Mrs Hannah’s example teaches us that even if we are different or special it doesn’t mean that we are any less human. Audrey C (Year 6)

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