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Today, the Montgrove College community came together to celebrate the exceptional journey of the Class of 2023 during a heartfelt graduation ceremony. With performances and tokens of appreciation, the entire school bid a fond farewell to the Year 12 students.

Throughout the week leading up to the graduation, the Year 12 students demonstrated their dedication to the Montgrove community. They organised engaging games and activities for primary and infant students, as well as a "Spirit Day" celebration for Secondary students.

As they embark on their next chapter and gear up for the HSC exams next term, Montgrove is extending its support and prayers to the Class of 2023. The school community is confident that these bright young individuals will excel in their endeavours, just as they have excelled during their time at Montgrove.

Thank you, girls, for the years of support, service, and exemplary leadership you have provided to our school. You leave behind a legacy of compassion and dedication that will continue to inspire us all.

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